Agents, Why Use Homebid?

Don’t you just love it when a potential buyer for one of your listings says yes we’d love to make an offer. But my husband and I can only make it down tonight @ 9pm. I mean how good is it to miss dinner with your own family and even putting your kids down to bed or just missing out on that down time we all need.

I get it though. Your commitment to getting the best result for your sellers. So your answer is always yes.

Well what if there was a better way. Far more transparent, potential to generate far more competition and could make sure that lamb spaghetti carbonara you had on the cards for dinner is enjoying itself in your belly and you have the feet kicked up by 7:30pm and relaxing...

Sounds too good to be true..? Then welcome to HomeBid. The future of negotiating property sales. Where you as the agent will always still be needed and still involved in the negotiation process. However cutting out the physical late night appts to sign up face to face in the office or at clients homes.

Picture this:

Your potential buyer loves the home and wants to try an offer to buy it. You discuss and negotiate the owners preferred terms and best price for the buyer to start. You direct them to HomeBid site. And the rest is done for you.

The buyer registers, lodged their bid, you approve from the convenience of your own Lounge room and the clients are automatically sent a DocuSign contract to sign and 0.2% holding deposit deducted to ensure it’s a genuine and real offer.

Any other interested buyers can register and be notified immediately of offer on their homes of interest and then from there watch the magic happen.

Buyers bid live against each other or with a counter bid option from the owner direct until the home is SOLD.

THE FINAL price is update one last time via DocuSign and a legal electronic copy of contract is sent to you the agent so it can be passed on to whoever may need it.

Saving time, eliminating unnecessary paperwork, late appts with unsuccessful bidders and giving you back some of the most important commodity in life that money cannot buy. TIME!!!

Sound to good to be true. Take a tour or watch the short video below and get in you to find out more...

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